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Apply for a credit limit online

Information given in the application is confidential.

In addition to basic information about the company, the form contains questions regarding company’s liabilities, finances and invoicing.
The provider of the information assures that the information is up to date and accurate.

The application is followed by an initial financing decision, which is not yet binding on either party.
If the initial financing decision is positive, you will be asked for more detailed information about the company and its key figures.

If you fill in the application using a public computer, remember to empty the cache history and close all browser windows before closing.

Contact person

Company contact person (if different than above)

Company information

Company's liabilities

Does the company use invoice financing?
Does the company have outstanding tax liabilities or a confirmed payment plan for such liabilities?
Does the company have outstanding employment or self-employed person's pension contributions?
Does the company have outstanding debts regarding statutory insurances, social security contributions or other similar charges?
Does the company have other debt arrangements or payment plans?
Has the company faced any payment problems over the last 12 months?
Are the company's receivables used as commercial mortgage-backed securities or other loan securities?

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Business ID
Taxable invoicing / fiscal year
Term of payment


Does invoicing show strong seasonal variation?