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About us

Invoicing should be simple, but it’s not.

Two billion invoices are sent yearly in the Nordics. In Europe, it amounts to 40 billion. A large portion is not digitalized, and the process is usually fragmented, leading to inefficiencies and lack of control. Ropo helps companies unify and streamline the invoicing flow to optimize ways of working, enable full data visibility, elevate the end-customer experience and improve control and cashflow. Ropo is the Nordic market leader with operations across Finland, Norway and Sweden, and headquarters in Kuopio, Finland.

Active clients
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Invoices and other documents handled annually
Client retention among Ropo One™ accounts
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How we differ:


Market leadership & category expertise

Ropo is the market leader with 10k+ clients, deep category expertise, and capability of handling large volumes of invoices in the Nordic region.


Simple, seamless & modular

Our one-platform offering is seamless, modular and easy to use. Clients get access to the latest in invoicing tech, info security and compliance, delivering flexibility, and reduced IT costs.


Fusing automation with service excellence

We streamline and automate processes, minimizing manual work and maximizing efficiency and productivity, coupled with professional service expertise.


Business-critical improvements

Full visibility and data intelligence flows enable the monitoring of business-critical improvements. Such as lowering DSO, reducing churn and increasing satisfaction. By using historical and forecasted data, we help clients optimize their cashflow.

A better-flowing economy.

We want to beat complexities and financial friction that are holding companies back.

Enable businesses to run smoother and more effectively, by simplifying the very heart and core that fuels the business: all internal and external processes associated with invoicing.

Closing the productivity and customer experience gap to unlock every company’s true potential.

Our vision is a better-flowing economy.

Our approach to sustainability