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Add on service and features

Multichannel invoice delivery

Our invoice delivery service ensures effortless and cost-effective sending of electronic or paper invoices and invoice-related documents via various distribution channels. We ensure that invoices reach end-customers through preferred channels and that payments are handled correctly. We promote digital invoicing and offer your customer the most trusted and commonly used delivery methods, including:
– B2B e-invoice
– B2C e-invoice
– Direct payment for consumers
– Email invoice
– Paper invoice with a printing service
– MyRopo
– OmaPosti
– Kivra
– WebInvoice
– Archive and display service


Our financing service allows customers to quickly convert invoices to cash flow. Financing improves your company’s liquidity and stabilises the business. It also lets you use longer terms for payment as a competitive asset.

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Customer service

Our comprehensive invoicing services include customer service and payment advice from the invoice onwards. Our contact centers are located in Finland, Sweden, and Norway, and we serve in Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, and English. Service quality and customer satisfaction are continuously measured and reported to our clients.

Customer service channels include:
MyRopo self-service with 24 h online assistance
Message Center

Legal services

Our services can be complemented with legal services in particular for assignments in business law and the resolution of disputes. These services can be used e.g. in disputes related to receivables, processes related to litigation and settlement negotiations, and making agreements.

Credit information and decision services

Using the Supplier’s credit information service, the Customer can check the End customer’s background and obtain factual information to support credit decisions. This service makes it easy to check e.g. the End customer’s official personal and contact information, company information, and payment default notes. From the service, you can search for consumer and business credit information, business connections, ratings reports, and decision-maker information, as well as international business credit information.