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Lahti Aqua develops its invoicing in partnership with Ropo

The water supply company Lahti Aqua trusts Ropo Capital, with whom it has been developing its invoicing system in the long term as part of a partnership lasting for many years. This stable partnership is based on smooth cooperation and Ropo’s comprehensive service, which covers the management of Lahti Aqua’s entire invoice life cycle, from invoice delivery to ledger management and receivables management.

Lahti Aqua, owned by the city of Lahti, provides water supply services to 147,000 residents and businesses in Lahti, Hollola and Iitti. Every year, the company sends its customers about 120,000 invoices, with Ropo being responsible for delivering, reminding and collecting. The service package also includes ledger monitoring, payment-related customer service and comprehensive reporting.

Lahti Aqua’s invoice life cycle management is handled through the Ropo 24 system, which is integrated into the water supply company’s own invoicing system. In Ropo 24, the invoices are transferred automatically and in accordance with the practices agreed with the water company from one stage to the next; manual work steps have been reduced to a minimum and the process can be followed easily throughout the life cycle of the invoice.

– Ropo’s service combines automation-based technology and an operating model which is customized for the water supply industry and which takes into account the industry’s special features and legislation. With the help of our comprehensive service, Lahti Aqua has been able to rationalize the use of its resources and make its processes more efficient, says Ropo Capital’s Key Account Manager Jani Rönkkö.

Customer-oriented service and higher quality

According to Lahti Aqua’s Administrative Director Tiina Lakimo, the most important benefits of Ropo’s service have been the resource savings that have resulted from less manual work and the transfer of tasks requiring special skills, such as debt collection and payment-related customer service, to Ropo. This has also brought more quality to customer service.

– According to our customer survey, the most common reason for our customers to contact us is either to pay an invoice or a due date. Ropo now handles the related customer service. That is why it is of primary importance to us that our customers can deal with these functions effortlessly, says Lakimo.

Ropo’s customer service offers versatile transaction channels and the Ropo Online service, where payment matters can be handled independently and have been well received by Lahti Aqua’s customer base. Currently up to half of payment matters are handled through Ropo’s online service.

– However, if personal advice is needed, Ropo’s customer advisors provide a professional service and are trained to face even challenging situations. Especially in a difficult economic situation, the importance of personal service is great, Lakimo continues.

Lahti Aqua monitors the number of contacts to the payment advice service and their distribution to different channels with the help of Ropo’s comprehensive reporting service. This service also analyses customers’ payment behaviour and opens up a view of all phases of invoicing. Lakimo says the company uses the reporting service especially for regular monitoring of the receivables turnover rate, payment delays and credit losses.

Focus on joint development

According to Lahti Aqua’s Customer Service Director Soile Toivonen, the water supply company’s operating models have undergone a lot of digital development over the years, to which Ropo’s service solutions have always been easy to connect. Ropo’s service model and invoicing practices tailored for Lahti Aqua have been developed with Ropo on a long-term basis, a feat which Toivonen is particularly satisfied with in this long-term partnership.

– We have a long history with Ropo, during which Ropo’s service package has been built for us little by little. Developing together has always been at the centre of our cooperation, and it has always gone smoothly and in good spirits, Toivonen says.

As the latest joint development project, Toivonen mentions the introduction of Ropo’s ledger service, which also proceeded according to the agreed schedule and cost-effectively, and has further reduced manual work steps, e.g. in the processing and allocation of payments.

– Adding new customer accounts to Lahti Aqua’s customer management system has always gone smoothly in terms of invoicing processes, Toivonen continues.

In addition to Lahti Aqua, Ropo’s customers in the water industry include Hämeenlinnan Seudun Vesi (HS-Vesi), Porin Vesi, Kymen Vesi, Kouvolan Vesi and Turun Vesihuolto.

More information:
Jani Rönkkö, Key Account Manager, Ropo Capital, tel. +358 45 327 9528,
Tiina Lakimo, Administrative Director, Lahti Aqua, tel. +358 3 851
Soile Toivonen, Customer Service Director, Lahti Aqua, p. +358 3 851

Lahti Aqua is a regional water supply company owned by the city of Lahti, which has been providing water supply services to the people of Lahti for over 100 years. The company’s basic task is to ensure that the water supply in the area is of high quality, safe and cost-effective. We operate water supply services for 147,000 people and companies in the area of Lahti, Hollola and Iitti.

Ropo Capital is the Nordic market leader in invoice lifecycle management, covering the whole value chain from invoice delivery to payment monitoring and receivables management. We compete as a technological forerunner – our operating model is based on the advantages of digitalization, advanced automation, and real time reporting. Headquartered in Kuopio, Finland, the company employs approximately 400 financial specialists in Finland, Sweden, and Norway. In total, Ropo Capital delivers over 170 million invoices and other documents annually.